A fundamental aspects of our service is to help our clients assess their risk tolerance before they specify their investment requirements and objectives to us.

We provide a variety of different services to our private clients, depending on the degree of involvement they wish to have in managing their investments.

Our discretionary investment management services are designed to help inexperienced investors, or simply those who have little or no time to manage their own investments, and prefer to be relieved of the day-to-day duties managing their investment portfolio.

When a client utilizes our discretionary service, their investment manager has the authority to make changes in accordance with their risk tolerance and objectives specified by the client from the outset. This does not prohibit any clients from making alterations to this policy at any time.

Each individual portfolio is reviewed on a regular basis and clients will receive their valuation in addition to a contract note immediately if and when any transaction is made.

Our portfolio advisory service has been specifically designed to provide a comprehensive portfolio management service to clients who need a financial professional to monitor their portfolio and make investment recommendations, but want to make the final investment decision themselves.

Once an investment policy has been established by the client, their portfolios are monitored regularly with their valuations sent out on a regular basis. The investment manager will also provide heavily researched investment recommendations when appropriate.

If you prefer to make all of your investment decisions without any advice from our investment professionals, we offer an Execution-Only Share Dealing service which enables one of our brokers to execute your instructions across a range of investments options.